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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Menopause Clinic - Balanced Wellness with Bioidentical Hormones

For women navigating the complex changes of life, our clinic offers a personalized approach to hormone replacement therapy. Our bioidentical hormone treatments are crafted to align closely with your body’s natural chemistry, providing a harmonious balance. Choose from a variety of administration methods, including injections, pellets, and creams to suit your comfort and lifestyle.

Do you have questions about TESTOSTERONE FOR WOMEN? click here for our PDF guide with a symptoms checklist along with natural testosterone boosters.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men - TRT Therapy

Revitalizing Strength and Vitality

Men seeking to restore their vigor and vitality can find support with our testosterone replacement therapy. Our treatments are designed to replenish testosterone levels, enhancing overall well-being and performance. We provide a range of options from injections to pellets and creams, ensuring a solution that resonates with your personal health journey.

We invite you to connect with us for a detailed discussion on how our therapies can be tailored to your health aspirations.

Understanding Your Investment in Health for BHRT

Transparent Pricing for Your Path to Wellness

Our commitment to your health is reflected in our straightforward pricing for treatments. Begin with an in-depth initial consultation to understand your unique health profile. Our monthly plans offer continuous support and treatment, including weekly testosterone injections. For those preferring at-home administration, we provide all necessary supplies for a seamless experience. Additionally, we offer growth hormone optimization and vitamin B-12 injections to complement your hormone therapy, ensuring a holistic approach to your health and vitality.

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    Initial One Hour Consultation:

    The initial consultation includes a complete history and physical. In addition, we will go through each lab one by one with you so you understand where you stand with your health. This visit is more than just a testosterone consultation, it includes vitamin and supplement counseling as well as additional services such as growth hormone optimization, weight loss, and primary care if interested.

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    Monthly Recurring Cost:

    Unlimited visits and consultations, weekly testosterone injections

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    Bundle Discounts:

    We offer discounts if services are paid in full for 3-, 6- or 12-month increments:

    5% off for 3 months, 7.5% off for 6 months and 10% off for 12 months

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    Testosterone Home Supply:

    If you wish to self-administer your testosterone injections at home or use compounded topical products, there is an additional cost involved. This option is for those that do not want to report to the clinic every week and are comfortable with drawing up their own testosterone or wish to use topical creams instead. Shipping is included.

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